Our Industry Specific Virtual Assistants.

Cia - VA for Financial Services


Cia is trained to understand and answer customer queries for the financial services industry on emails, chat-bot and social media. Our deep financial services domain expertise has enabled us to model different categories of intents in each sector - 60+ in Insurance for instance - across origination and servicing processes. Cia enables workforce transformation through reduction in training costs as well as seamless interaction between humans and machines to maximize customer value and drive productivity.

Lisa - VA for Travel & Transportation


Lisa understands the nuances of servicing customers in the Travel & Transportation industry. From managing personal or business travel, to organising business conferences, Lisa can handle a wide variety of customer interactions in the travel sector. Similarly, it caters to transportation industry customers in the automobile, airlines and public transport services sectors. Lisa understands customer intents and helps clients respond to customers accurately and rapidly, all at a low TCO!

Hello - VA for Telecom


Hello, as the name suggests, has built his expertise in Telecom Industry. Hello undersatnds what Telecom Customers typically look for. And it promptly resolves their queries saving them from long queues. Its focused on transforming Customer Care Operations of Telecom Industry by saving them millions in customer acquisition & servicing!